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Lean Score and The Market

Market favors either Sellers, Buyers, or neither. This proprietary calculation called Lean Score depicts the market balance for 11 data items used to explain the residential real estate market.

9 Facts About The Market

9 Facts About the Sacramento Metro Real Estate Market given data through January 2023. The Vacuum may be subsiding, but it's not evident in the data.

10 Facts About The Market

10 Facts About Our Real Estate Market given data through December 2022 and comparing to 2006 and showing interruptions in pattern and psychology in 2020.

Bubbles Fizzle

It’s a physical certainty that when hyper-appreciation occurs to any asset or commodity, what follows MUST be hyper-depreciation.

Retail vacancy

The reasons for our unnatural growth were fear, abundance of money, and lack of houses for sale. These forces rushed the appreciation which we knew was bonkers as it was happening.

No Secrets

It’s no secret that buyers now wonder how long they should wait for “the bottom”. It’s no secret that sellers want to sell before “the bottom”. It’s no secret that “the bottom” will only be evident after it happens.

Demand Disappearing

Preliminary data points to a drastic increase in Supply and a drastic decrease in Demand. Buyers have stopped looking.

July Fire and Ice

The temperature was high in the Sac Metro area during July. Supply suddenly got hot but demand almost disappeared and is still trending lower.

Preliminary Data

Preliminary July and 2022 Data General Status Descriptions When a listing is put on MLS, it is “ACTIVE” with a qualifier of

Pattern Interrupted

Charts are graphical depictions of data. Showing time-based data items together helps highlight correlations and patterns.

They’re Here

As rates go up and demand gets squished, sellers feel left out and rush to a hushed market. Like now.

Sign Here

Signatures of the Principals are the critical data elements to obtain when selling real property in CA. Yes, sometimes signing should not be done.

Sucking Sounds

California is chasing people and business away. This State has many "sucking sounds" that eat money. Any HOA can attest to that.


CAR purchase agreement evolves. This evolution can have dire consequences.

Sacramento County Median and EMA

Evidence of Bonkers

My composite depiction of “consumption” shows when “bonkers” started. (The beginning of the Scamdemic is marked in March 2020.)

SB 1079 Fails Logic

Foreclosure represents the movement of an asset [and liability] from one who can't to one who wants to try. Government should not say how that movement happens. The market should decide.

The utter disappearance of housing supply, whether due to the virus or other reasons, caused a flurry of activity from buyers who were NOT at risk and felt the urge to buy. When the urge to buy exceeds the urge to sell, prices go up and appraisers can’t dampen it on their own.

Now that winter is here, “cocoons” begin to form and listings dwindle. But that has been our market for 9+ months — NO LISTINGS. If you have one, clean it up, price it well, make it available, and have a place to move in 30 days, it will sell.


When an agent is a salaried employee, it begins to erode the exclusive relationships and VALUE that I provide clients. It’s not the salary, per se, it’s a different mindset when you’re getting paid regardless of any value you provide. I’ve been salaried and the mindset can make one lazy.


Some neighbors should be disclosure items themselves (if you know what I mean). By the way, the rule of thumb for determining if you should disclose a “rough” neighbor to your buyers: Would you wish you knew?

Your Economy

Your Economy : The economy, to a thinking lay-person, is how many people are satisfied with their financial position and prospects.  To

The momentum has shown a flat and healthy appreciation only slightly approaching zero and staying in the “Buy” phase even though a Seller’s market. Momentum is positive = “Buy”.

Fair Oaks Market

When buying or selling a home in California, there are 2 words that every agent needs to understand and manage for their clients in order to serve them properly: Risk and Leverage.

Real Event Horizon

Real Event Horizon : When a buyer or seller makes a decision, there are experiences that they may not have to help

Pie and Hope

Pie And Hope There are setbacks in the pursuit of happiness and prosperity which require attention. But they get no attention if

Home Sales momentum crossed beneath zero at August 2005 coinciding with the marked decrease in Sales in January 2006. Momentum hit a bottom in December 2007 indicating the Sales spiking in March 2008. And momentum is still positive.