Corporatism Sacred is the Constitution of this United States of America. We are all created equal and have unalienable rights which cannot be denied by anyone WITHOUT MY APPROVAL. Therein lies our greatest weakness: “My approval is easy to get.” Whether you are a frequent or infrequent user of social media applications, they know plenty about you …

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Sacramento County Median and EMA

Evidence of Bonkers

Evidence of Bonkers Most Realtors represent buyers and sellers of existing single-family homes. The market provides data that helps navigate the market, up or down. Sellers currently attract eager (“fearful”) buyers who get accommodating appraisers when prices set recurring monthly highs.  “Bonkers” is a word frequently used since summer 2020 when the run started. (Funny …

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SB 1079 Fails Logic

January 2021 – Senate Bill 1079 CA The current market is defined by “Days” of Inventory. The year 2020 will be adorned with an asterisk by historians. We should all agree, now or soon, that 2020 interrupted many lives around the world. We can argue about why, when, and where it started. Changing the year …

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