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It’s no secret that buyers now wonder how long they should wait for “the bottom”. It’s no secret that sellers want to sell before “the bottom”. It’s no secret that “the bottom” will only be evident after it happens.

Signatures of the Principals are the critical data elements to obtain when selling real property in CA. Yes, sometimes signing should not be done.

When an agent is a salaried employee, it begins to erode the exclusive relationships and VALUE that I provide clients. It’s not the salary, per se, it’s a different mindset when you’re getting paid regardless of any value you provide. I’ve been salaried and the mindset can make one lazy.

Some neighbors should be disclosure items themselves (if you know what I mean). By the way, the rule of thumb for determining if you should disclose a “rough” neighbor to your buyers: Would you wish you knew?

Your Economy : The economy, to a thinking lay-person, is how many people are satisfied with their financial position and prospects.  To

When buying or selling a home in California, there are 2 words that every agent needs to understand and manage for their clients in order to serve them properly: Risk and Leverage.