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My Mission:

As a California real estate broker, fiduciary duty is my mission. I am committed to guiding each client through the real estate experience with patience and open, frequent communication.  I promise to provide clients with comprehensive information and expert advice in a non-judgmental environment.  I will work to exceed the client’s expectations developing trust, loyalty, and a lasting relationship resulting in a consistent flow of referrals.  This mission produces raving fans.

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My Mission

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Secrets To Know about Real Estate

There are many nuances in preparing and achieving the goal of selling and buying a home or investment property. There are good people who help sellers and buyers navigate these nuances. The nuances of which I want to bring attention are those that even the good people don’t “know or leverage”. These nuances are not secrets. Rather, they are the application of the terms in the purchase agreement. For example, and to get the meat, you should hire me:
  • Signatures of home buyers and sellers make all things move forward in the executable purchase agreement (“escrow”). Signing certain forms can be to your detriment. Ask me how and when.
  • Home sellers who get more than 1 offer for their listing have more than typical leverage if their agent advises them well. It is probable for that seller to remain in control of all counters and buyers. Ask me how.
  • Missing a milestone in the purchase agreement can trigger a “breach of contract”. But this potential breach doesn’t exist unless the other principal gives notice. Ask me how.
  • Home sellers who have to close their sale to finance their replacement home have special stars to align especially if the sellers demand to move only once. There is a way. Ask me how.
  • Home sellers who are ending a forebearance or who have a legitimate distress with regard to real estate, call me soon. You have legal rights. You also have duties if you want your lender to compromise. Ask me how.
  • Successor trustees who sell the assets of the deceased trustees have limited time and knowledge of the process. Beyond the lawyer, you should know your rights and duties. Ask me.
There are many “tricks” like these. In baseball, we played “situation” to best practice our actions. There are no humans alike but situations arise that call for the same tactics as others. Leverage my memory and experiences of any situation.

Evidence of Client Successes

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