Sacramento Metro Real Estate Market

The market data analysis incorporates data to help understand and explain the metropolitan Sacramento real estate market trends. Data is from Sacramento, El Dorado, and Placer Counties. Within this area are many sub-markets which are affected by market forces in similar ways but result in different prices, supply levels, and housing demand. Where “forces” are predecessors to market behavior, the trends are based on results from that behavior. The monthly analysis is presented so client decisions are supported.

Market Geography

Under all is the dirt. The Sacramento Metropolitan real estate market covers a lot of dirt. The Metrolist (MLS) system I use to expose and search includes many different parts of California.

Market Forces

The forces affecting supply and demand are rarely tangible. Loan rates and supply are tangible. Psychology and the consequences of bad policy are not.

Market Analysis

Analysis and reporting on the market data is an attempt to understand ‘where we are going’ based on ‘where we were and what is happening’. Markets get disrupted mostly by events, seasons, psychology, and chance. The data I collect for each County (3) and Zip Code (52) is in my Glossary. 

Summary of real estate indicators for Jay’s Averages and the 3 Counties.

(link to all Major data and charts)

Mortgage rates, buyer and seller confidence, new home permits, and employment exert extreme forces on the supply and demand for resale homes.

(link to all Financing data and charts)

Cash or Loan, what did buyers use to purchase homes.

(link to all Average data and charts)

Using data from 52 zip codes, an Average is derived for all critical elements of Supply and Demand in our area. My database is putting Excel to the test.

(link to all Momentum data and charts)

Using data from 52 zip codes , the momenta are aggregated to show Swing, Spread, and running Spread.

(link to all County data and charts)

MLS data for each County is tracked and compared to each other and to its own track record.

Sacramento County has a much larger number of houses than the other counties.

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