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Jay Emerson, Broker
Jay Emerson, Broker
Dad and his boys
Dad and his boys

We're Not All The Same

Although everyone knows at least one real estate broker or agent in California, how many know a real estate broker who understands the market?

The differences between them and me are numerous and some are stated on this page. And there are thousands of websites that can show you current listings. But some sites may show you listings that don’t exist or existed years ago. And I have done and can do Commercial real estate.

TT: “By taking the time to understand our needs and goals, he gave a level of personalized customer service that is unmatched.”

LH: “People should know there’s a difference just in the knowledge of the contract. Jay is the BOMB.”

My Rumble Channel

17 Reasons to Hire Me (Elevator Pitch)

  1. I know my business as a licensed real estate broker.
  2. I know how and where to find qualified and motivated buyers and worthy and valuable houses.
  3. I make things happen for my clients’ benefit.
  4. I know how to negotiate an agreement that CAN close.
  5. I know how to manage a transaction that WILL close.
  6. I know real estate law, principles, and practices.
  7. I am a full time, career professional.
  8. I back my work with a written guarantee.
  9. I am honest.
  10. I abide by the NAR Code of Ethics (http://bit.ly/1wnWixZ).
  11. I study and understand the market dynamics (http://www.jayemerson.com/market) .
  12. I am a Real Estate Broker (http://www2.dre.ca.gov/PublicASP/pplinfo.asp).
  13. I offer extensive concierge services and a Gold Team of providers.
  14. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Finance.
  15. I have a system to guide clients “left of bang”.
  16. I understand and leverage the processes.
  17. I am in the 5% of agents who produce at ‘Outstanding Life’ Masters Club levels and only 1% of agents achieve Presidents Club  (https://sacrealtor.org/members/masters-club)



Computer software and hardware – Process analysis and improvement – Business strategy, planning, negotiation and management – Financial management and measurement – Product and Service Marketing – Real estate law, principles, and practices


Jay Emerson, resume
My Resume
Sacramento Masters Club - Outstanding Life Member
Masters Club

Sacramento AOR Masters Club – Outstanding Life

NAR ePro Certification
ePro ("geek")

My Core Values

Core to my business as a Real Estate Broker: Be prepared (“left of bang”) – Don’t lead with “my clients’ chin” – Listen twice as much as I talk – Know my business.

Your Fiduciary

Appearance and attitude – Fiduciary duties are tantamount – Organized, trustworty and responsive – Civil, kind, and ethical – Consistent quality – Follow law and client demands – Educated and experienced.

Client Success

Past Business

The list is long and is best seen on the MLS portal. This list cannot include the non-MLS blessings I have had. https://bit.ly/3Gzp4ax

THANK YOU Veterans
THANK YOU Veterans

Our eBikes

RAD Power Bikes are awesome. We got Mini StepThru modelss and love them. You don’t want to be forced to pedal them up hill. We LOVE them.  
RAD eBike Hobby
RADMini Step Thru 2

Book Library

(Nov '23)

359 Books 100%
          (48) Books read -13%
311 Books unread 87%
1870 Avg year pub’d
75 Books w/no year 21%
    98,184 Pages 100%
     (7,407) Pages read -8%
    90,777 Pages unread 92%
28 Books w/no pp 8%
273 Avg pp/book
30 Pages/day
       3,026 Days to read unread
          101 Months to read unread
              8 Years to read unread

Reading Queue

 Q0 – 26 Books (07%) – 4,951 Pages (05%) – 165 days
 Q1 – 57 Books (16%) – 16,737 Pages (17%) – 558 days
 Q2 – 56 Books (16%) – 19,160 Pages (20%) – 639 days
 Q3 – 68 Books (19%) – 21,756 Pages (22%) – 725 days
 Q4 – 40 Books (11%) – 10,790 Pages (11%) – 360 days
 Q5 – 19 Books (05%) – 4,359 Pages (04%) – 145 days
 Q6 – 24 Books (07%) – 6,890 Pages (07%) – 230 days
 Q7 – 21 Books (06%) – 6,134 Pages (06%) – 204 days

Books (by Author)

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Privacy Policy

My website address is: https://www.jayemerson.com. I don’t collect anything. I should. But I don’t.