American Lifestyle Magazine Issue 116

[responsivevoice] Hi Aunt Harriet! Summer is the season to add some flavor to your routine. This issue of American Lifestyle magazine is a veritable spice rack of inspiration, whether you’re seeking a new hobby, fresh scenery, or an updated look for your home. When Jammy Cruz took up macaron making as a hobby, she had no idea where it would lead. Her curiosity allowed her to quit her full-time job and start a successful small business in Maryland. A summer vacation is a great opportunity to get out of the neighborhood and explore a different locale. If you can’t decide between beach or forest, you’ll want to read about the quaint town of Ferndale, California, which offers the best of both worlds. If a vacation isn’t in the cards, why not refresh your home with thrifted artwork or try out a patterned wallpaper? Instagram content creator and designer Katie Zamprioli offers great tips on how to be brave in your self-expression and style. Speaking of self-expression, Mike Gibson reveals his artistic skills in a different medium: property art. This is the name Gibson gave to the medium of topiary art, which he’s honed and used to beautify parks and towns in his home state of Ohio and beyond. Whether you step out of your routine in big or small ways, it’s sure to reinvigorate the way you see life. As always, it’s a pleasure to send you this magazine. [/responsivevoice]