Pie And Hope

There are setbacks in the pursuit of happiness and prosperity which require attention. But they get no attention if the setback is not obvious to others or some kind of propaganda diverts our collective attention. But now there is hope that logic is making a comeback. Prices, hopefully, remain affordable for the comeback of employment and logic in our area.

Costs and regulations are driving employers and employees out of our State. California’s demise, as witnessed in Venezuela, is not impossible. It is avoidable but only if we pay attention to the logic of “pie”; a metaphor for happiness and prosperity.

If my pie is increasingly taken by “authorities” while those same authorities are negatively impacting the growth of my pie, the logic tells me that the authorities will eventually have my entire pie. Of course, that is an extreme outcome of the logic and falsely assumes the fixed expenses are not fixed. But how much pie should we sacrifice? I have hope that the pie-thieves will start taking less.

These are the zip codes that have specific charts on this website: