Sacred is the Constitution of this United States of America. We are all created equal and have unalienable rights which cannot be denied by anyone WITHOUT MY APPROVAL. Therein lies our greatest weakness: “My approval is easy to get.”

Whether you are a frequent or infrequent user of social media applications, they know plenty about you and your sphere AND you approved their collection of the information. We were learning about their true, sinister motives and were awoken enough to elect Donald Trump in a landslide. Other than my prediction, only Ann Coulter agreed that Trump was the only one who could win.

The 2016 election surprised everyone [except me and Ann]. It surprised the Democrat Party, the Pentagon, many military commanders, and the entire planet. The globalists were starting to worry about their acquired momentum and “lead blocker” known as Obama.

Since the early days of Trump’s campaign and then throughout his term, light was being shed on the dark underbelly of our elected representatives and the career appointees. The dark didn’t want the light as most dark is destroyed by light.

Psychology is a common way that Dark fights against Light, using “useful idiots” to behave as designed. This clip explains that tactic: 

When Dark has achieved momentum with their subjects, as defined as mass indoctrination, they have achieved a milestone in taking that “beachhead”. One such beachhead is Public Education. With the infiltration of unions, school staffs, and Federal agencies, the Dark tactics are easily funded and unleashed.

Another beachhead is Corporate Culture. As I have witnessed over 30+ years in large (Fortune 50) corporations, it is HR and HR Legal who mandates tactics and strategies to Board agendas. It is the front-line HR reps who are enlisted to unleash the actions for the Dark.

This corruption of Corporate Culture has created the transformation of Capitalism to Corporatism where companies support and unleash the dark tactics. We now call them “woke” companies who, among other things, encourage and support Sharia Financing, Environment/Social/Governance (ESG) values, and general idiocy of their employees.

It’s these idiotic employees who help their companies reach darkness.[/responsivevoice]

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