Left Of Bang

Thanks to the military sniper who first turned me on to this concept.

Continuous contextualization of multiple, disparate data sets is critical for building a deep understanding of any market, commodity or service. Data gives information that can be skewed. Information can give knowledge of consequences of action or inaction. That information can be misused and misunderstood. Knowledge, if derived from valid premises and when applied “left of bang” can result in a wise decision.

Data, information and knowledge can result in a bad decision, too. Or, in our finite wisdom, we apply knowledge “right of bang” which leads you backward (unwise).

Life requires constant analysis and decision making. The best decisions in life are made:
• with wisdom of experience,
• with valid information that came from unbiased data,
• knowing consequences of that decision, and
• no later than necessary.

This last attribute of a great decision, the most important I think (the other attributes don’t matter if this one of missing) is metaphorically similar to the phrase “left of bang”. (In a gun battle, it’s no longer a metaphor and better not be missing.)

Left and right simply allude to a timeline where left is earlier than right.

A good guy wins by making life saving decisions (or athletic maneuvers) when they’re necessary; left, not “right of bang”. To split hairs and determine exactly how far left, that’s an economist’s answer, ” it depends”.

The metaphor is obviously applicable to real estate. Learn how to make wisdom your asset before, during and after the transaction. It’s not life-and-death but it makes a HUGE difference in achieving your time and money goals.

  • Right of bang: you realize you should have offered the asking price to win the seller’s favor. Left is winning.
  • Right of bang: you realize that section 1 pest clearance would have distinguished your listing from the neighbor’s. Clearance is never right of bang, although sometimes not necessary. Be kind to a vet and get clearance, in case.
  • Right of bang: you didn’t take the seller seriously and remove your contingencies and the seller cancelled. Left of bang is performing per the contractual promises. That means know them before promising.
  • Right of bang is buying a house with expensive and known issues. Left is getting remedies when reasonable or canceling when not.
  • Right is losing your deposit. Left is choosing to sink money into inspections that find issues worth canceling or remediation.

Asynchronous communication (sms, email, vmail, sm) is worse than AI because it makes our adaptability into an artificial and delayed response. This decreases probability of “left”.

  • Left of bang: you live, you win. And it doesn’t require a loser.

Be right and stay left; hire me.

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