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Major Forces

Mortgage rates, buyer and seller confidence, new home permits, and employment exert extreme forces on the supply and demand for resale homes. 

Summary of Major Forces

National Mortgage Rate

This National mortgage rate data is collected each month from ‘’, specifically the Freddie Mac 30yr fixed rate. Low rates trigger demand which, in turn, triggers supply. Buyers who do too much rate shopping 1) won’t improve it much and 2) may affect their success.

National 30yr Fixed Rate
National 30yr Fixed Rate

Consumer Confidence

This National ‘Conference Board’ data is collected each month from ‘’. High confidence helps demand and supply. Changes in National confidence is, naturally, caused by National forces. Our market may be slightly different, but it’s hard to fight the psychology of humans.

National Consumer Confidence
National Consumer Confidence

New Home Permits

This Sac Metro permit data is collected each month (but a month behind) from ‘’. Builders buy dirt and add value on it. Buyers can choose a New home or Resale. The supply created by builders isn’t always timed well.

Sac Metro New Home Permits
Sac Metro New Home Permits


This Sac Metro data is collected each month (a month behind) from ‘’. PRIVATE unemployment is not good for the market. Government unemployment is not as bad because to pay for government, the government has to take private assets. A well-run and efficient governement could represent as little as 10-15% of total employment; just guessing. A balance of these would be nice. It’s also a taboo subject ESPECIALLY in Sacramento, the seat of California’s government.

Sacramento Metro Employment
Sac Metro Employment
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