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Using data from 52 zip codes, an Average is derived for New, Active, Pended, and Sold listings, the Median Price, its momentum, and derivative calculations for price momentum, ‘7 Yr Mmmm Average’, ‘Supply’, ‘Demand’, and ‘Lean Score’.

Summary of Jay's Averages

Sacramento Metro Average Market Summary
Average Market Summary

Average Lean Score©

“Lean Score” for each tracked zip code (52) and County (3), attempts to portray the market health. It is not tracked to show trends. Rather, like a balance sheet, it shows a point in time. 

Sacramento Metro Average Lean Score
Average Lean Score

Average Median Price

Time and research proves that NO zip code or area is immune from market swings. The average median price shows the same shape as the individual prices. Some areas have higher swings and higher prices. The Average smooths out the anomalies and outliers.

Sacramento Metro Average Median Price
Average Median Price

Average Price Momentum

Commodity brokers put a heavy reliance on momentum for the underlying price change of the commodity they’re trading. It’s a year-over-year calculation depicting the direction and force of the price change.  Maximizing your profits as a home seller requires the exclusive use of TIME to trigger your selling decision. 

Sacramento Metro Average Price Momentum
Average Price Momentum

Hindsight and math are beautiful when you prove you were right AND made a profit from being right. Using math and a commodity approach to buying LOW and selling  HIGH, momentum would profit as shown with the math here. 

Sacramento Metro Average Momentum Gain
Average Momentum Gain

Average Supply

Listings go from New (Active), to Pending, maybe back to Active once or more times, then to Sold, if not Canceled or Expired. New listings add to the Active listings from last month which comprise Supply.

Sacramento Metro Average Housing Supply
Average Housing Supply

Average Demand

Listings go from New (Active), to Pending, maybe back to Active once or more times, then to Sold, if not Canceled or Expired. Pended listings represent Demand for New and Active listings.

Sacramento Metro Average Housing Demand
Average Housing Demand

Average Sold-to-Inventory

When Months of Inventory goes below 1, it means there are more houses being sold than being listed. When Demand exceeds Supply, prices go up. And vice versa. So the forces on Demand and Supply have to, at least, exist in some modicum of force or we run out of product to sell.

Sacramento Metro Average Sold-to-Inventory
Average Sold-to-Inventory
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